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What is a trustworthy system?

  1. A system that gives you the big picture: what’s done, what’s not done, what’s late, what’s coming up? all in a single glance
  2. A system that ensures no tasks can get lost in the depths of nested lists, and surfaces all coming-due tasks right where you will see them
  3. A system that reports on your team’s successes or failures over time (both positive and negative streaks)
  4. A system that tracks the evolution of a given task over time, so when the documentation or process has hiccups or bugs, that insight is not lost in the mind of a single employee or an overly chatty Slack channel
  5. A system that puts the documentation next to the doing, nobody ever has to “enter a task cold” (and so you don’t have to fetch your process manual from the digital equivalent of a filing cabinet in the basement)
  6. A system that does not rely on a spray-and-pray alert system, but offers you a daily and weekly agenda, and a visual menu of work options whenever you are ready
  7. A system that understands that a lot of work is more than a single task, but less than a whole project — like producing a new case study, or shipping a new feature — and makes it easy to design a reusable workflow that includes and tracks each of those steps
  8. A system that gives you a “boss view” into all the workflows currently in flow
  9. A system that meets you where you are, whether that’s email or Slack (with a panoply of other communication options coming soon)
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